Monday, April 1, 2013


a wall art DIY by Meg Allan Cole
You'll need: a canvas // paint brushes // black glossy paint // white acrylic paint // utility sponges // scissors // a bowl or plate from around the house // tape
Step 1: Paint your background. Create whatever color combo you prefer - I went with a black background and white moon phases to appear like actual satellite photos, so I painted my canvas a glossy black.
Step 2: Design your layout. Measure your canvas - mine was 30 inches long and I wanted 5 moon phases, so I had 6 inches to work with for each moon phase. I left 1 inch on either side of each moon.
Step 3: Cut your moon stamp. Use a bowl or plate that matches your desired diameter as a template to trace and cut your utility sponge.
Step 4: Make a stamp "pad" with your chosen moon-colored paint. Add a generous amount onto a ceramic tile or a plastic lid and spread it around with a small piece of sponge. Do a few practice stamps to make sure you have enough paint to coat, but not so much as to create excess globs. Once you've got the hang of it, move onto step 5.
Step 5: Add your first moon. Using your measuring tape as your guide, press your paint-covered sponge onto the exact center of the canvas.
Step 6: Add the second moon, 1 inch to the left or right of your first moon, leaving 1 inch of space between the edges.
Step 7: Add the rest of your moons. If your circles aren't perfect, you can always touch them up later. When all are added, allow them to dry.
Step 8: Create half-moons. When your moon layers are totally dry you'll start to create your moon phases, beginning with half-moons. Leaving your center moon full and using a measuring tape and straight edge, find the middle of each moon to the left and right, tracing a line down the center with a pencil (or a marker that matches your background color).
Step 9: Create crescent moons. Tape the edge of your bowl or plate to protect it from the pencil or marker, then bring it into your outermost moons to create a crescent shape and trace.
Step 10: Paint your moons. Paint one side of your traced lines with your background color to make your half and crescent moons - I painted the outer sides dark, but go whichever way you prefer. Add one last topcoat of your background color to blend outerspace together, and hang your moon phases in your home.

Meg Allan Cole is a a DIY guru and lifestyle blogger who lives in Brooklyn, NY with her musician husband and rescue dogs. She is a host of HGTV Handmade.

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