Monday, September 1, 2014


It's September, and in the vein of BACK TO SCHOOL and ORGANIZATION, this month's edition of the Panda Head Newsletter is all about a Top 10 List. From tennis-themed to V O G U E -centric, each feature differs wildly from the one before – resulting in one of my favorite episodes of NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS to date.

Many thanks to this month's contributors: Megan Burns, Shoko Wanger, Kate Greene, and Meg Allan Cole, and as always, thanks to Y-O-U for subscribing!




by Megan Burns

Hi, I'm Megan, and I am weirdly attached to tennis. (This has been a fact since childhood, during which I took tennis lessons and failed at backhands, forehands and everything else, but latched on to certain aspects of the sport that are both beautiful and orderly.)

When I was in high school (and early college) you could look at me on the street and say, "She looks like she would enjoy tennis." But today, I feel like my wardrobe (generally all black) makes this tennis obsession slightly (read: a lot) less obvious at first glance. So I am telling you now (as it is also the US Open) that I am an undying fan, AND I am about to give you the top ten reasons why tennis is the greatest sport of all time:

1. Tennis Courts: tennis courts are the most fantastic non-swimming pools to ever exist. Grass? Beautiful. Clay? ALSO BEAUTIFUL.

2. The Commentators: tennis commentators have (perhaps) the most soothing voices ever bestowed upon men. (PS, by men I also mean women.) Mary Carillo? John McEnroe? Please narrate my life.

3. Tennis Balls: the sound of a tennis ball coming into contact with a tennis racquet is proof that God exists. If paying bills on time and holding doors for people resulted in the sound of a tennis ball hitting a tennis racquet, I would certainly do both of those things more often.

4. Silent Audiences: of course, tennis spectators CAN get a bit rowdy, but the fear of being booted from a match keeps most respectfully quiet throughout the match. If only we could employ these same regulations to concert etiquette, we would probably have discovered world peace by now.

5. Deuce: the word "deuce" (or "tied at 40 all") in theory might sound terrible, but in practice (at tennis matches, anyway) "DEE-YOU-SSS" sounds like the most sophisticated piece of vocabulary one could ever employ.

6. The Wimbledon Closing Credits: have you ever heard such a beautiful, magical sound as the Wimbledon Closing Credits? I don't think you have. (If you think that you may have, then probably listen to it right now and realize the fault in your stars.)

7. The Players: what Adonises they are! If there were ever a more perfect specimen of a human being, I would like you to say so; I will go forth and spit on said specimen, because you are telling lies.

8. The Outfits: granted I have shifted away from this type of apparel for everyday use, but I still appreciate iconic sponsors (such as the Lacosteagator, the Adidas pyramid, and the Nike swoosh), all living harmoniously under one non-roof throughout the competition, because sports apparel is beautiful in its own right.

9. Aces: not to be confused with "asses", an "ace" is a shot which completely shuts down one's opponent in a single swift and debilitating serve. It is the most powerful move you could ever put forth on the court, and it is a testament to human strength / indestructibility.

10. Elegance: THE GODDAMN ELEGANCE OF IT ALL. I can (in theory, of course) be streaming the entire US Open on my laptop whilst all of $45 remains in my bank account 'til next paycheck, but it doesn't even matter; I am watching the sport of kings in my shitty apartment, and it therefore will elevate me to royalty status in the least likely of places (Bushwick) until September the 8th. And that, my friends, is #PRICELESS.

Megan Burns is the editor of BYT NYC.



Ten Things About Which I Mostly Have No Opinion

1. The series finale of LOST
2. The series finale of Dexter
3. That Summer my parents got separated and then got back together
4. Pears
5. Herbal tea
6. Being like three minutes late
7.  Welcome to Sweden
8. That dream you had
9. That dream I had
10. Most cats



by Shoko Wanger

Fall is a season of change and of travel, of replenished energy and new adventures. For those seizing the season and hitting the road, ten songs to set the scene for explorations far, wide, all-embracing (or just to the corner store).

1. "My Girls" // Animal Collective
2. "This Time Tomorrow" // The Kinks
3. "Who Loves the Sun" // The Velvet Underground
4. "Everywhere" // Fleetwood Mac
5. "Lost in the Dream" // The War on Drugs
6. "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)" // Arcade Fire
7. "Into the Wild" // LP
8. "Taro" // Alt-J
9. "Tangerine" // Led Zeppelin
10. "Cruisin'" // D'Angelo

Shoko Wanger is a writer in NYC. She blogs at Sho and Tell.


10 V O G U E S

artwork by Kate Greene

November 1909

June 1927

June 1939

July 1941

June 1950

June 1962

March 1974

December 1987

December 2005

November 2008



The anticipation of fall fashion makes the impending end of lazy, long summer days spent romping outdoors not quite as painful as it might otherwise be. Chunky knits, layered plaids, and oversized blazers beckon us out of the warmth of August into a crisp September each year, and we all find inspiration for this new season in everything from the streets of New York City to our favorite fashion blogs. One of my all-time favorite sources of fall fashion inspiration is in film, spanning from the 70s through the 90s. This top ten list of films contains of some of the best movies, just EVER, while embodying the best that fall fashion has to offer. Dive into the textured knitwear while experiencing some pretty stellar movies that absolutely warrant starting up that Film Club you once mused about.

1) Annie Hall - Diane Keaton famously made menswear work for women in my favorite movie of all time. Like, desert-island-pick-all-time.

2) Heathers - For the adults in the room who want their back-to-school fix, Heathers embodies the best and worst of high school, and only the best of late-80s fashion. Let's just put it this way: Blazers, blazers, blazers + Christian Slater in a leather jacket.

3) Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Because somehow Matthew Broderick made a leopard print vest look sexy on a dude and Simone's white fringe jacket is forever burned on my brain as a must-have item. SWOON.

4) The Way We Were - Maybe it's the knitwear and denim-clad walks on the beach on a chilly day, but this classic and brilliant movie makes me want to stroll along the shore on a cool, crisp October afternoon. Barbara's COAT in that last scene. Also this.

5) Working Girl - You won't find stronger shoulders anywhere else. Let that river run, boo.

6) Some Kind of Wonderful - The perfect mix of late 80s punk and preppy. If nothing else, Watts's red leather fringe gloves are perfection.

7) When Harry Met Sally - Heavy knits layered under herringbone blazers, and a particular scene involving a hat, this is New York City and late 80s/early 90s fall fashion at its best.

8) Wayne's World - Plaid and large-frame glasses. That deems this movie worthy of a Top Ten fall fashion list, right?!?

9) Clueless - Everything amazing about the 90s, including crushed velvet, the revival of boas as everyday wear, and the whole-hearted-embracing of dramatic plaid, make this a staple in both the regularly-viewed-category AND an important page in the fall fashion catalogue. Let us all be inspired by Cher's sheer commitment to an ensemble and revel in the school-girl-chic outfits that may bring flashbacks to the Delia's catalogue.

10) Love Story - The classic camel trenches with perfectly HUGE collars, oversized glasses, and wool blazers makes the ugly-cry-inducing ending way worth the watch.